Explore Premier Grooming Essentials at Our Men's Shaving Shop in New York

As a premier men's grooming destination in New York, Crown Royal Barbershop offers a wide range of top-quality services that are designed to enhance every gentleman's look. Our barbers are well-versed in the art of traditional grooming techniques that have been perfected over time.

At our men's shaving shop, we understand that each of our customers has unique preferences and requirements. That's why we take the time to get to know our clients, listening carefully to their needs and delivering tailor-made services that truly cater to their style. Whether you're in need of a hot towel shave or a full-on grooming session, our team of experienced barbers is here to take care of you.

So why settle for anything less than the best? Visit Crown Royal Barbershop today and discover the ultimate in men's grooming essentials in NYC!


Our fade-resistant coloring services lock in color while keeping the scalp moisturized and nourished. It’s the perfect combination of sheen and style.



Hot Shave Price $50

Revitalize Your Appearance with Hot Towel Shave in New York City

At Crown Royal Barbershop, we offer an exclusive hot towel shave service that will rejuvenate your appearance, providing you with a sharp and polished look. Our luxurious hot towel shave involves a series of specially designed steps that let our expert barbers deliver a precise and smooth shave every time.

With our hot towel shave, you'll experience the perfect combination of relaxation and grooming, with the warm steam opening up pores, allowing for a closer shave and leaving you feeling refreshed. We use the highest quality shaving products and equipment, ensuring that the results easily surpass those of your typical barbershop shave. Come visit Crown Royal Barbershop, and experience an elite grooming experience that'll leave you feeling pampered and refreshed.

Achieve Perfection Through Hot Towel Shaving

Here at Crown Royal Barbershop, we know that the perfect shave requires more than just a steady hand. When you book a hot towel shave with us, you're ensuring the benefits of a skilled barber with years of experience who's knowledgeable in the art of shaving. Our excellent barbers understand the mechanics of facial hair and different skin types, so you can be assured that your shave will be individually tailored to you.

Our hot towel shave also provides great benefits for your skin. By removing any build-up and combining it with our exclusive shave cream, with its nourishing ingredients, we ensure your skin retains its moisture and helps prevent irritation. Come visit us today.

Experience the Art of Classic Men's Shaving with Our Expert Barbers

At Crown Royal Barbershop, we take pride in our tradition of preserving the classic art of men's shaving. We know that men's grooming goes beyond the simple task of haircutting and must be accompanied by the expertise of a skilled barber who understands classic grooming techniques. Our barbers take a personalized approach with each client, ensuring quality and an individualized experience each and every time.

Our highly skilled barbers are equipped with the finest instruments and products to provide you with the best classic men's shave and grooming experience. Come and experience our services for yourself and see why Crown Royal Barbershop is the best choice for the classic gentlemen in need of grooming.

Monday - Friday:
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142 East 49th Street, Suite 1b, New York , NY 10017

  • Hair Wash

    Shampoo and conditioner treatment designed to keep your hair full of luster and shine.

  • Beverages

    Beer, wine, and spirits.

  • Hot eucalyptus-soaked towel

    Essential oils relax and soak into the skin before or after any cut or shave.

  • Machine massage

    The old-school end to your barbershop trip—head, neck, and shoulders massaged by a classic
    handheld massage machine.